What happens when you give an Electric Foil to a Pro Kitesurfer
We have seen more than 30 people trying an Electric Foil the first time. Some fly within minutes, some need an hour. But what happens if you give an electric hydrofoil to a Pro Kitesurfer is amazing.

Juan enjoys the electric foil
Juan enjoys the electric foil
We spent 2 weeks in Tarifa (Spain) to visit the Kitesurf World Cup and to hang out at the Kitesurf-School “Adrenalin Kite Area” also known as AKA Tarifa. Bernd who is running AKA is not only  offering Kite lessons, he has plenty of cool toys to rent such like the Onewheel and since this year the electric hydrofoil from Fliteboard. When you are in Tarifa you should visit Bernd. More info at aka-tarifa.com
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After Sylt in Germany and before Fuerteventura the Kitesurf World Cup made a stop in Tarifa. Unfortunately it was not much wind for kitesurfing, but on the other hand ideal conditions for an Electric Foil. So we supported Bernd to get the professional riders on the e-Foils. Well, they actually didn’t need any help.

Kite-Foiler meets E-Foiler
Kite-Foiler meets E-Foiler

We met Juan Rodriguez and his friend Adeuri Corniel from the Go2Kite team to see what they can do with the boards. 19 years old Juan from Columbia is sponsored by Ocean Rodeo and participates in the Kitesurf World Tour since 2018. He is specialised in the Freestyle discipline and his home spot is at the Calima Lake in Columbia.

Juan Rodriguez sponsored by Ocean Rodeo
Juan Rodriguez sponsored by Ocean Rodeo

So we gave these guys two Electric Hydrofoils and they basically went on the board and started flying. It took them a minute. Of course these guys are very talented professionals who do water sports everyday., but we were still surprised that they tried all kind of different tricks just after 15 minutes:

  • Sitting on the boards (in both directions)
  • Laying on the board (in both directions)
  • One guy towing an non motorised hydrofoil
  • Jumping with the electric foil
  • and more ...
electric foil jump
electric foil jump

They would not come back to the beach before the electric foil battery would be empty and only to get a new battery so that they could continue to ride. Juan and Adeuri enjoyed most that we had 2 e-foils for them. It is always most fun to ride with a friend, said Juan.

eFoiling with a friend
eFoiling with a friend

Juan and Adeuri from the Go2Kite team were the first 2 professional kiters who tried the electric hydrofoils in Tarifa, but the following days which were again without much wind around a dozen pro kiters were asking to ride. We did nothing else for 4 days than charging batteries 😉

Juan and Adeuri
Juan and Adeuri from the G2Kite team

As you can guess also the other pros were flying with in seconds and enjoyed very much that they could have some fun without wind. Later the week the wind was finally coming and the pro kiters could finally do what they were there for.

Thanks again to Bernd from AKA Tarifa for hosting us 2 weeks!

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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