Late January the CURF Wake electric surfboard with over 25 horsepower or 19 kW was presented at boot 2019 in Dusseldorf.

CURF is now offering 2 models with 14 kW and 19 KW.

Most electric surfboard companies limit the performance to 14 kW in order to avoid a driver license in some countries like Germany.


While the original CURF jetboard (no license necessary) claimed already 2018 to be the most powerful electric jetboard – CURF now launched the CURF Wake in order to keep the first place against upcoming competitors.

The propulsion engine handles 100 litres per second and claims to be the biggest in the market.

Watch founder Benjamin Köhnsen in the following video from boot 2019:


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The CURF Wake electric surfboard is using the same body and batteries like the original CURF jetboard, but the price is about 20,750 EUR compared to 15,450 EUR (both plus VAT and shipping).

Compare the 2 boards in the following table.

Max. Speed53 km/h60 km/h
0-50 km/h
4,2 sec (1)3,3 sec (1)
Thrust90 kg135 kg
Power14 kW19 kW
Dimensions192 x 73 x 26 cm192 x 73 x 26 cm
Weight30 kg (w/o battery)31 (w/o battery)
BatteriesPlug & play, Lithium-ion, swap systemPlug & play, Lithium-ion, swap system
Battery pack1600 Wh, L 830 mm, 18 kg1600 Wh, L 830 mm, 18 kg
Charging timequick: 1,75 hours (2) / normal: 6 hoursquick: 1,75 hours (2) / normal: 6 hours
Operating time40 minutes planing (1)40 minutes planing (1)

(1) = Operating time and max. speed are depending on weight, riding style and water conditions

(2) = Charging time with quick-charger (available option)

As you can see the top speed of the CURF wake is 60 km/h and the acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h shall be just 3,3 seconds.

Also the remote control was improved compared to the 2018 models and promises a more sensitive trigger.

Benjamin explaining the CURFWake
Benjamin explaining the CURFWake

Both jetboards are using the 2018 introduced PE (Polyethylene) body which has proved to be very robust. They are now offered in 6 different colours. Most customer take the white option according to Benjamin.

With 30 and 31 kg weight plus 2 batteries off 18 kg the CURF boards are pretty heavy, but according to Benjamin the rider does not feel this due to the amount of power.

In addition CURF believes that the larger/heavier batteries with aluminium body are more safe than light weight batteries with a carbon fibre chassis.

The CURF jetboards have 2 batteries
The CURF jetboards have 2 batteries

The package comes with a case, standard charger (6h), 2 fins, 2 emergency stops, syringe for cleaning, star key and user manual.

CURF shipped about 100 jetboards in 2018 and is increasing production for 2019.

Delivery time is today at 4 weeks, but the books are full after the boot show and it might take 8 weeks right now.

You can compare both electric jetboards from CURF in our electric surfboard comparison with other boards.

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