Winter storage eSurfboards

How to store eSurfboards in winter

How to store eSurfboards in winter is a question that we get often. Of course we have our own experience with winter storage, but we also asked the manufacturers for their feedback.

EWAKE Jetboard review 2020

EWAKE Jetboard review 2020

For our EWAKE Jetboard review we had the chance to meet founder Sascha Pollrich in August to test his latest electric surfboards. Later in October we visited him in his…

JETSURF Electric Skateboard

JETSURF eSkateboard – Airy & Race

A JETSURF eSkateboard just appeared on the Jetsurf website. The Jetsurf Airy motorized skateboard is designed for beginners and the Jetsurf Race e-skateboard for beginners and intermediates.

EWAKE Boards

EWAKE Boards 2021 models

EWAKE Boards from Schwalbach in Germany presents the 2021 models just in time for the new year. The boards have names like Spark, Diavolo Comet, Zeus or Bee.

Taiga Orca electric PWC

Taiga Orca electric PWC

The Taiga Orca is an electric PWC concept from Canada. The electric jet ski is developed by the company Taiga Motors which already developed an e-snowmobile.

mo-jet all in one electric jetboard

mo-jet all in one electric Jetboard

mo-jet is an all in one Jetboard which uses different modules to transform the board into a Jetboard, bodyboard, diving scooter, inflatable or rescue Jetboard.