ELEVATE – inflatable electric foil surfboard

The Elevate is an inflatable electric foil surfboard which is developed in Germany close to the Bodensee and continues the studies of the swedish evolo hydrofoil project

The idea is to develop a multi purpose foil surfboard which can be used with an electric powered expeller engine or be used as a foil windsurf- or even kiteboard and the goal oft he study is to show that it is possible to ride at speeds of 30km/h with only 1KW electric power.

Elevate electric Hydrofoil
Elevate electric Hydrofoil

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DIY electric skateboard / DIY electric longboard Tutorial

Introduction for building an DIY electric skateboard / DIY electric Longboard by Nicolas Nostheide.


This article is addressed to all readers which are interested in building an DIY electric skateboard, but also for all people which just want to know how an electric skateboard basically works.

For the sake of simplicity I wouldn’t like to go into detail too much but you should have a basic knowledge about electronics.

I want to emphasize once more that electric skateboards are not toys. Especially the handling with electronics can be very dangerous.

Introduction: DIY electric skateboard

An electrical skateboard consists of six components besides the actual longboard. The following article will go into each of those six components:

DIY electric surfboard kit by MHZ Watercraft

You can now buy a DIY electric surfboard kit from MHZ Watercraft in Germany. You will find their DIY electric surfboard parts for sale online.

MHZ is known since the Eighties for their boat model construction parts, but since a few years they are also supporting well known electric surfboard companies such like Lampuga and others who do not want to be named.

MHZ Watercraft - DIY catalog
MHZ Watercraft – DIY catalog

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