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We finally have a DIY Electric Hydrofoil Forum for efoil.builders. The interest in electric Foils is increasing on a daily base und this forum will help all, who want to build their own electric Hydrofoil.

DIY Electric Hydrofoil Forum
DIY Electric Hydrofoil Forum

A group of DIY pioneers such like Pacifimeister have built a forum very similar to the electric.skateboard.builders forum which is very popular among dudes who want to built their own electric skateboard.

The DIY Electric Hydrofoil Forum was already adopted by efoil.builders known from their Youtube channels such as Pacificmeister, Chris from VeFoil, Nikolay from Norway and others

efoil.builders will help all of us
efoil.builders will help all of us

It will be very helpful for starters, but also for DIY experts who are working on their projects since a while. Bringing all this knowledge into a central organised database, will help to form the future of eFoils.

Nobody can catch up on all the new components and test them just by themselves. This will be a great team effort.

There are already a lot of threads after just a few days about safety, waterproof remotes, CAD resources, ESC's, Lipos and propellers.

The fantastic thing is that you cannot only read and watch Youtube videos about these things, the community also shares templates for 3D printing, component lists, buying links etc.

All this will be very helpful for anybody who wants to build a DIY Electric Hydrofoil.

Electric Hydrofoil Builders
Electric Hydrofoil Builders

Since efoil.builders and electric.skakeboard.builders are built on the same platform, they consider to enable SSO (single sign on) in the future. This would mean you only need to register once and can participate in all platforms of this network.

Also E-Surfer is currently building a forum on the same platform to enable exchange about complete electric surfboards and electric SUPs.

Stay tuned and check our the new eFoil DIY Electric Hydrofoil Forum at efoil.builders

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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