EasyGoat electric hydrofoil from CabraTec

EasyGoat is a new electric hydrofoil from CabraTec out of the Czech Republic.

The E-Foil is inflatable, easy to transport and store and claims to be good for riders up to 100 kg. They offer options for heavier riders.

EasyGoat electric hydrofoil from CabraTec
EasyGoat electric hydrofoil from CabraTec

The inflated board is 170 x 90 x 69 cm, but can be folded down to 84 x 36 x 24 cm.

According to CabraTec it takes 6 minutes to set up the board up and the total weight is 19.5 kg.

Inflatable Electric Hydrofoil from CabraTec
Inflatable Electric Hydrofoil from CabraTec

The battery shall last up to 60 minutes (for a 80 kg rider) , is replaceable and the board has a display to show the remaining flight time.

The inner board is made out of waterproof carbon with an inflatable body around it.

The aluminium hydrofoil mast is 80 cm long and the front wing has a span of 74 cm.

The board is available in 2 colours: blue/gray and white/orange.

EasyGoat - easy to transport
EasyGoat - easy to transport

The board is supposed start flying at 18 km/h with a top speed of 40 km/h.

The EasyGoat board comes with pump/compressor valve, 1 battery pack, waterproof remote control, a standard bag with wheels, english video manual and 1 year warranty for just 3,990 EUR plus VAT.

The 40 minutes charger is extra for 390 EUR, but you can use your own dual or quad 6S charger.

The recommended waterproof bag (not the standard bag) is another 350 EUR.

This totals in 4,790 EUR and is an agressive price.

An extra battery is 990 EUR.

EasyGoat luxary waterproof bag
EasyGoat luxary waterproof bag

The shipment time is supposed to be about 2 months (6-7 weeks manufacturing time).

All specs are from the CabraTec website

We are looking forward to test the board on our own.

The price is promising, but to be seen if the EasyGoat from CarbraTec can meet their own specs and how it compares to the Elevate inflatable Foil which shall also launch this year.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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