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An eFoil board, also known as electric hydrofoil surfboard, is an exciting and innovative water sports device that is becoming increasingly popular!

eFoiling combines the basic principles of traditional foiling, where a surfboard is equipped with a hydrodynamic wing (foil) underwater, with modern electrical technology. The result is a unique experience in which the rider appears to float above the water.

Basics of an eFoil Board

The eFoil consists of a board, an electric drive and the foil (mast with underwater wing and motor). The eFoil board is usually somewhat heavier and more stable than a conventional surfboard so that the battery and electronics can be installed in it. Inside the board is a rechargeable battery that can be easily replaced. The motor is driven by a propeller or, more recently, a jet unit, which is attached to the foil under the eFoil board.

You accelerate with a radio remote control in your hand. The altitude is controlled by shifting the rider's weight. The following video from the E-SURFER YouTube channel explains the E Foil in detail.

Video: What is an eFoil board?

The appeal of riding an eFoil board

The greatest appeal of eFoiling lies in the freedom and uniqueness of the experience. Riders can glide across the water without being dependent on waves, wind or a boat. The speed is controlled via a wireless handheld remote control, giving the rider full control. The feeling of floating above the water is mesmerizing and offers a whole new perspective on water sports.

Learning curve and accessibility

One of the challenges of eFoiling is the initial learning curve. Keeping your balance and adapting to the speed and movements of the eFoil board can be challenging for beginners. But with practice, it becomes increasingly intuitive.

In fact, eFoiling is more accessible than many traditional water sports as it requires less physical strength and stamina and can be performed in very different water conditions. eFoiling is the easiest form of foiling and therefore quicker to learn than, for example, kitefoiling (with a kite), wavefoiling (behind a boat) or pumpfoiling (with pure muscle power).

We have recorded an eFoil board course on video:

Video: How to ride an eFoil board

Technical innovations

The eFoil board industry is characterized by constant innovation. New board designs, more efficient batteries and advanced safety systems are regularly introduced, making the sport more attractive to a wider audience.

The biggest technical innovation in recent years has been the introduction of jet propulsion (instead of a propeller) by Aerofoils, which sells its boards under the Audi brand. Audi is a shareholder in Aerofoils. In the meantime, other eFoil board manufacturers such as Fliteboard have also introduced jet propulsion.

Audi e-tron foil test - Jetfoils - eFoiling
Jet propulsion for eFoils

It remains exciting to see what innovations the next few years have to offer.

Environmental aspects & transportation

eFoiling is seen as an environmentally friendly water sport. As the E Foil is electrically powered, it produces no emissions and runs almost silently. This minimizes the disturbance to the environment and makes it a good choice for environmentally conscious water sports enthusiasts.

E Foils do not produce any waves and are therefore classified as small vehicles, unlike jet surfboards.

In addition, you do not need a trailer for transportation, as with a boat or jet ski. An E Foil can be assembled and disassembled within a few minutes and can then be packed in board bags and transported in almost any car with a folding rear seat.

As an e-foilboard is shorter than a windsurfing board, you don't even need a roof rack.

Audi e-tron foil Testbericht - Jetfoils
Audi e-tron foil - Jetfoils

Are eFoil boards allowed?

Permission for eFoiling depends on local regulations and laws, which can vary from region to region and country to country. Here are some general aspects that should be taken into consideration:

  • Water protection areas and local laws: some bodies of water may be restricted for motorized activities, including eFoiling. This is especially true for nature reserves where flora and fauna should be protected.
  • Safety regulations: In many areas, there are specific safety regulations for water sports activities. These may include equipment regulations, speed limits and rules for behavior on the water.
  • Licensing and registration: In some regions, a license or registration may be required for the use of an eFoil board. Although eFoils are often considered less powerful watercraft, they may fall under these regulations in some jurisdictions.
  • Environmental laws: Because eFoiling is relatively environmentally friendly (low noise and zero emissions), it is allowed in many regions. However, it is important to comply with local environmental laws and regulations.
  • Private waters: In private waters, the rules often depend on the owner of the water. In such cases, it is more than advisable to obtain permission from the owner.

It is always advisable to find out about the specific laws and regulations in the region where you plan to go eFoiling before you start. This can be done by contacting local water sports associations, coastguards or other competent authorities.

Flite Boards
eFoil board by Fliteboard

Test & buy

If you would like to try out eFoiling, you can register with one of our eFoil schools. We usually get every student flying within an hour.

If you would like to buy an eFoiling board, you are welcome to visit our store in Berlin for advice. For initial orientation we recommend our eFoil buying guide.


In summary, eFoiling is a fascinating combination of technology and sport that offers a whole new dimension of water fun! Although it requires some practice, it is an accessible and environmentally friendly activity that appeals and will appeal to water sports enthusiasts of all levels 🙂

With continuous technical improvements and growing popularity, eFoiling is at the forefront of a new era of water sports!

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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