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Flying Rodeo review - custom made electric hydrofoil

In our Flying Rodeo review we are having a closer look at the custom made electric hydrofoil from Slovenia.

FR will start serial production in 2019, but is focussing on individual custom designs with high quality in lower volumes.

Flying Rodeo review
Flying Rodeo review

Mike from the All Star Jetboard Tour team made its way to Slovenia in order to visit Barbara and David from Flying Rodeo.

He was impressed that 2 complete E-Foils including bags, chargers, batteries and 4 sets of wings are fitting without problem in even the tiniest car.

Please check the Flying Rodeo review video from Mike here:

[huge_it_video_player id="41"]

The quality and design of the different components are looking amazing even with the prototype which was tested. You can see that David is caring about the details which includes custom air brush designs.

The test board had only 75 litres volume, but a motor with almost 8 horse power. It was designed for sporty and experienced riders who want to go fast. The Flying Rodeo E-Foil in sporty setup makes 45 km/h.

Maximum rider weight for this version is 80 kg,

Custome made electric hydrofoil from Flying Rodeo
Custome made electric hydrofoil from Flying Rodeo

But David will offer also a custom made electric hydrofoil for riders above 80 kg. This board will come with more volume and larger wings and will offer speeds between 35 and 40 km/h.

David thinks a beginner can learn to fly within one hour on the larger board. The recommended speed for beginners is 25 km/h.

David riding his FR E-Foil
David riding his FR E-Foil

The battery is good for an hour of riding and is charging in 2 hours.

The prototype for our Flying Rodeo review had only 15 kg including the battery, but the serial board will come with a larger battery / other materials and will weight about 25 kg in total. That’s still light.

Flying Rodeo jump
Flying Rodeo jump

Each board will be a unique custom made electric hydrofoil with individual airbrush design using high quality materials like carbon fibre.

It will be all special editions with each Flying Rodeo hydrofoil have a unique name and volumes will be therefore low.

Flying Rodeo E-Foil
Flying Rodeo E-Foil

The pricing is is not released yet, but given that these are custom boards it should be at the higher end.

More information at: flyingrodeoefoil.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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