Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board models

Here's an update on the Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board models - after we've ridden the board so many times, of course! Special: Also a review from Mike @ Jetsurfingnation is in the article.

Let's start with Mike's test report. He visited us in Berlin especially from Portugal to test the Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board models personally. We had organized a test event on the Wannsee with the Lampuga team that weekend.

Jetsurfingnation meets E-Surfer
Jetsurfingnation meets E-Surfer

The Lampuga team supported us at our partner Nixe Yachts, so we had eight Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board models on site for test rides. We were also supported by our friends from the Boot & Fun fair, so that we could welcome numerous guests.

You should definitely subscribe to Mike's Jesturfingnation Youtube Channel to not miss any updates from the eSurfboard scene. Here is his video:

As the pictures of the event show, everyone had a lot of fun on the Wannsee. The Lampuga Jetboard is great for families and also boat owners (as it avoids scratches on the board and boat due to the soft SUP cover).

It offers enough volume to ensure a safe platform on the water and the hand straps are great for kids to hold onto. Again, the soft SUP cover scores points for keeping the kids comfortable.

Lampuga Air 2022 family jetboard
Lampuga Air 2022 family jetboard

If you let the air out of the SUP hull, the Lampuga hardly needs any storage space on the boat or in the car. Who now believes that the Jetboard is only for beginners, is mistaken! After all, it reaches speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Even radial maneuvers are possible if you master the right technique. Sharp turns are made by getting off the gas, shifting your weight to the far outside by changing your foot position, and then giving it full throttle again. But be careful, lay into the turn properly, otherwise you fly straight ahead and the board makes the turn alone 😉

Lampuga Jetboard Action
Lampuga Jetboard action

Now to the innovations in 2022 at the Lampuga Jetboard:

Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board Innovations

In December 2021 we had the opportunity to visit the Lampuga team in Rastatt again. Thereby the following video of the production was made. The reason for our visit was the annual inspection of our boards as well as the boards of our customers.

During the inspection, the boards were not only checked for defects (none were found), but the boards were provided with updates to bring them up to the standard of the Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board model.

Here's the video inside the factory:

Lampuga production site

So, what's new with the Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board models? First, the software has been updated. This means that the Lampuga now rides a little more "aggressive". Before, the Jetboard from Rastatt started a little delayed and slow. An advantage for beginners, but perhaps not always desirable in the long run. Now one has turned a little on the screw 😉

On the other hand, the power box has been strengthened. We ourselves, nor our customers, had no problems, but as we were told, some jetboard schools in southern countries have explained the foot position on the board on land and would have stood on the board. I myself would never have thought of that, but oh well. Now the Powerbox is stable enough to cope with such challenges.

Jetboard made in Germany
Jetboard made in Germany

Also new is the Lampuga transport bag, which makes it possible to store the complete board including all accessories - such as the air pump. The battery also has its own bag. Both bags can be carried as a backpack and have Velcro tags with the note "fragile" or the Lampuga logo.

All in all, the 2022 innovations are within reason. Also, why reinvent the wheel when the Lampuga board runs flawlessly. Our first board has been in use since late 2019 and has never let us down.

For a full demonstration of the Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard models, check out our latest video. Here you'll see the transport bag, setup, ride videos, breakdown, and tips on maintenance:

Demo, assembling and tipps

If you have more questions about Lampuga Air 2022 jet-board, please ask them in our forum.

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