Lampuga Air review - Jetboard made in Germany

Time for our Lampuga Air review after we got the board end of 2019 and tested it fora long time. The inflatable Jetboard is an allrounder board for families and adrenalin junkies.

Lampuga Air review - Update 2022

First of all: You can find all Lampuga products here: Lampuga Now an update on the Lampuga jetboard models for our Lampuga Air review, the first version of which was published in 2019.

Let's start with Mike's review. He visited us in Berlin from Portugal to test the Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard models in person. That weekend, we organized a test event on the Wannsee with the Lampuga team.

Jetsurfingnation meets E-Surfer
Jetsurfingnation meets E-Surfer

The Lampuga team supported us at our partner Nixe Yachten, so that we had eight Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard models on site for test drives. We were also supported by our friends from the Boot & Fun trade fair, so that we were able to welcome numerous guests.

You should definitely subscribe to Mike's Jesturfingnation Youtube Channel to make sure you don't miss any updates from the eSurfboard scene. Here is his video:

Video: Lampuga Air review

Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard innovations
In December 2021, we once again had the opportunity to visit the Lampuga team in Rastatt for our Lampuga Air test report. We made the following video of the production process. The reason for our visit was the annual inspection of our boards and those of our customers.

During the inspection, the boards were not only checked for defects (none were found), but the boards were also given updates to bring them up to the standard of the Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard model.

Here is the video first:

Video: Lampuga Factory

So, what's new with the Lampuga Air 2022 jetboard models? First of all, the software has been updated. This means that the Lampuga now rides a little more "poisonously". Previously, the jetboard from Rastatt was a little delayed and slow to start. An advantage for beginners, but perhaps not always desirable in the long term. Now the screw has been turned a little 😉

Secondly, the powerbox has been reinforced. We ourselves, nor our customers, had no problems, but we have been told that some jetboard schools in southern countries have explained the foot position on the board on land while standing on the board. I would never have thought of it myself, but all right. Now the Powerbox is stable enough to overcome such challenges.


We were lucky enough to get our Lampuga Air already last year and the reason we took several months to write this review is that Lampuga just started this month to deliver to their resellers. It took Lampuga a long time to finally ship as the owner Nicolai Weisenburger wanted not to start shipping "before everything is perfect".

Some resellers were unhappy with these delays and started to write negative reviews, but this is stuff from yesterday in my eyes and should not be relevant for consumers who are looking for a board now. This Lampuga Air review is about the product and not about the time it took to get to market.

Lampuga Air review 2020
Lampuga Air review

I liked the Lampuga Air Design from the beginning and see the advantages of the inflatable hull. It is easy to transport in smaller cars, but it also protects the board on a boat or in the water at a pier. Since the first prototypes were shown - we did ride the the first Lampuga Air in June 2018 - the weight has increased to now 55 kg.

Technical specs

Mainly because of some extra security layers in the battery which is now 27 kg on its own. Yes, it is heavy when you transport it with the battery included and we suggest a small trailer or beach buggy. But similar to the Magic-Surf (which is up to 66 kg) this weight is helping to ride in choppy waters.

If you take out the battery the board with powerbox is still 28 kg, but surprisingly comfortable to carry for a single adult due to the 6 handles in our Lampuga Air review. If you take one handle of the powerbox and one in the middle of the board you can easily hold it. I would not like to carry it 100 meters though, but for short distances it is fine. For longer distances a beach wagon is highly recommended.

The different components have following weight:

  • PVC hull: about 8 kg
  • Powerbox: about 20 kg
  • Battery: about 27 kg
  • Total = 55 kg

The Lampuga Air has a lengthy of 230 cm, is 75 cm wide and 25 cm high without fins. The volume of 210 liters make it a safe platform for the entire family. The 10 kW engine is good for up to 50 km/h and the maximum rider weight is 100 kg. We found it powerful in our Lampuga Air review.

Scope of delivery

We posted the following unboxing video already last year:

The Lampuga Air comes in 3 boxes. The first box contains the fast charger and the powerbox which is the heart of the Lampuga Air. It contains the electronics including the engine and you connect the battery as well as the fins to this box. The second box contains the plug & play lithium ion battery. It is the smallest of the 3 boxes, but the heaviest one.

The 3rd box is the largest one and contains the inflatable hull, which is available in 7 colors, a repair kit, a pump as well as the charging station where you connect the charger to and insert the battery for charging. You also find the accessory case in this box which has following components: A syringe to clean your board (especially after salt water use), the handle with remote control, an arm wrist to secure the remote in case you don't want to use the handle, a security leash with magnet and the wireless charger for the remote.

All components have a great quality and we had a good feeling in our Lampuga Air review.

Lampuga Setup

Like with any electric surfboard you should start to charge the batteries. It will take about 2-2.5 hours to charge the main battery. Don’t forget to charge the remote with the wireless charger as well. Now inflate the hull just for 20-25 hubs before you insert the powerbox and pump further to 1 bar or 15 PSI.

Now insert the plug & play FSC fins. The advantage of the FCS fins are that there are plenty of models available from FCS directly to adjust the riding style of your Lampuga surfboard. Now it is time to insert the battery and bring the board into the water. Connect the security leash to your leg (but not yet to the board) and turn on the board by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. The button will turn blue to indicate that the board is active.

The pairing process of the Bluetooth remote control is pretty simple and we will not explain this here in detail. It worked the first time in our Lampuga Air review. You pull the trigger 4 times and a LED on the remote will show in red that it needs to be paired with the board or green if it is already paired. Now we can get started.

Test del jetboard Lampuga
Test Lampuga jet board

Put the magnet of the security leash onto the board and press the power button again for 2 seconds. Now the button will turn green and you are ready to go. If you remove the magnet, the Lampuga Air will get back into the stand-by modus. Always remove the magnet if you don’t want to ride.

White LEDs will show you the capacity of the battery will you are riding. You can check the charge also outside the board by pushing the power button for less than a second.

Lampuga Air: The ride

Okay, time for some fun. After riding the Lampuga Air for several months I got surprised how agile it is. We were able to make tight turns in our Lampuga Air review. You might assume that the inflatable hull would make it difficult to make sharp turns like you have it with a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), but the shape of the powerbox in combination with the handle make it possible to make much sharper turns compared to the most electric surfboards I have tried and which do not use a handle. It takes some practise, but after 2-3 rides you will be able to manage it.

You can of course also ride the Lampuga Air without the handle. Just remove it and hold the remote control in your hand secured by the arm wrist. You will have a complete different riding experience. Both is fun.

The remote is not as responsive as I would have wished it for myself. There was slight delay, especially when we started the ride for our Lampuga Air review. On the other hand this makes it much safer for beginners and if you want to let your kids ride. Since I am riding full speed most of the time anyways it was not a big issue for me.

Overall my entire family is very pleased with the Lampuga Air and we will still have a lot of fun for the rest of the summer with this powerful Jetboard.

Availability & price

The Lampuga Air is now available in our shop for 13,679 EUR incl. German VAT. We recently did the video for the E-SURFER Youtube channel:

Lampuga Air demo

In this video you learn everything about setup, functionality and maintenance of the Lampuga Air.

For further information and questions about this Lampuga Air review please visit our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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