Awake Rävik review

So. Already last summer I rode the Awake Rävik 3 and S model and for several months I have myself test boards in the surf center. Time for my Awake Rävik review 2022 😉

For years I have now accompanied the Awake Boards and have already made several video interviews with the team from Sweden. You can see these on the E-Surfer Youtube Channel. During my first interview in January 2019, I was - honestly - not that impressed by the innovative industrial design. It looked so different and sometimes I need a little time to warm up to new trends 😉

It is precisely this angular design with perfection in every detail of the Rävik 3 and Rävik S (as well as the Awake Vinga, which we are still testing this week) that I have come to really (!) love. In my opinion, Awake's jetboards are currently the most beautiful and classy jetboards on the market. Almost too bad to let them into the water. You could just hang them up in your living room and admire them. Awake even has a wall mount for this purpose. For real;-)

Andreas riding the Rävik S
Andreas riding the Rävik S

An expensive wall decoration mind you. The jetboards from Sweden are among the most expensive jetboards, but in my opinion they are absolutely worth the money. Read more about why in this Awake Rävik review. By the way, the name Rävik comes from the town where co-founder Phillip Werner grew up.

Awake Rävik review

We ride the Awake boards with the larger Flex Battery XR. The manufacturer promises 25-50 minutes of riding time depending on riding style, weather conditions and rider weight. With my approx. 90 kg and mostly aggressive riding style, I get about 30 minutes. I can't do more than that with any other jetboard. Via smartphone app you can set the aggressiveness of the board in 3 levels. I myself ride in "aggressive" mode and the power of the board is amazing.

If I go full throttle while lying down - without holding on to the front hand strap - the board goes away without me. It just slides right out from under me. Awake quotes acceleration from zero to 50 km/h as 4 seconds. I didn't have a chance to measure this accurately, but the board really does have power. It can be ridden with or without footstraps, but only with footstraps can you use the full power of the board for radical maneuvers.

Awake Rävik review
Awake Rävik review

Awake does not have a rope at the tip of the board for riders to hold onto or make steeper turns, like other jetboards. The feeling with foot-straps is somewhat similar to wakeboarding. With the shorter S model even more so! It makes really fun! According to the manufacturer, the boards are suitable for riders up to 100 kg.

Rävik 3

The Rävik 3 costs 19,689 EUR with large XR battery and the optional board bag, including 19 percent German VAT. This is truly a hefty price, but I would not deviate from this configuration. In any case, the large battery and also the Board Bag, which makes transport much easier, should be considered. The maximum speed is given as 57 km/h. Our area does not allow - due to speed limits - long fast rides. But over 50 km/h it was in our Awake Rävik review in any case.

Awake Team Rider Flo and Andreas (E-Surfer)
Awake Team Rider Flo and Andreas (E-Surfer)

The V shape of the bottom of the board stabilizes the board well and still makes radical maneuvers (especially with foot straps) possible. The board measures 179 x 62 x 26 cm and has a buoyancy of 71 kg, making it quite a sporty board. With 11 kW (15 hp) it has more than enough power.

Rävik S 2.2

With the smaller Rävik S model with W shape of the bottom you can do even more aggressive maneuvers. Here I definitely recommend the use of the footstraps. The Rävik S costs 20,098 EUR with large XR battery and the optional board bag, including 19 percent German VAT. The maximum speed of 55 km/h is slightly lower than that of the Rävik 3. This is due to the lower volume and thus greater water displacement (the board lies deeper in the water). With 175 x 61 x 27 cm it offers 52 kg buoyancy.


Awake's jet propulsion is something special: while other jetboards suck the water in from below, the open-shaft inlet mounted 90 degrees to the board swallows plenty of water.

jet propulsion Awake
jet propulsion Awake

This reduces dropouts due to air pulling enormously and ensures constant grip even on rough water and in radical curves. This has once again confirmed the Awake Rävik review. I was also put off by this design when I first interviewed the team in 2019, but now I appreciate the benefits.

Awake Rävik review - Hand Controller

The team from Sweden also goes its own way with the hand controller. While most remotes are controlled with a trigger through the index finger it is the thumb with the Awake controller.

It works surprisingly well in the Awake Rävik review. The remote also lies very well in the hand and hardly disturbs when swimming.

Awake Hand Controller
Awake Hand Controller

The high-contrast display shows the battery level and the speed based on GPS. The build quality is top notch and the glowing wrist strap makes it easy to find the remote.


The Flex battery, which can be used for both the Rävik jetboards and the Vinga eFoil, is easy to carry as well as insert and remove in the Awake Rävik review thanks to a hand strap and the locking lever. The locking worked well in the Awake Rävik review, both in the board and in the charging tray. The standard battery with 1.9 kW weighs 20 kg and the XR version with 2.8 kW 22 kg.

The battery is activated by the magnetic power leash. This can be placed either on the front left or right. The leash is not attached to the foot as with other manufacturers, but to the vest. In the event of a fall, the engine is switched off immediately.

The battery contacts in the board are gold-plated and can be unscrewed individually in case of corrosion.


With the iOS or Android app you can not only import software updates, but also set three power levels:

  • Easy: Long and smooth acceleration for beginners.
  • Normal: Slightly sportier for advanced users
  • Aggressive: Maximum acceleration for experts

Awake Boards Smartphone App
Awake Boards Smartphone App

To connect the app, it is connected to the battery via Bluetooth and activated with the Power Leash. The battery must not be in the board (otherwise it would connect to the board). The manual is always available via the app and you can contact support. The support team has access to all data of the board.

Board Bag

The board bag has very large removable wheels that also work on the beach. The bag is very solidly built, so that it holds the complete board including battery and accessories. I would have liked to see the bag included, but unfortunately this is not the case. The board is delivered in a large wooden box.

This is how you recieve the board
This is how you recieve the board

Awake Rävik review - Conclusion

I think for the Awake Rävik review I can give the grade "Very Good". The Rävik is 2022 the jetboard, which I personally prefer to ride. The riding characteristics, the performance and the great workmanship are really fun. The grip - even in rough water - doesn't let you down.

At the rather high price I wished that Awake would add the currently optional board bag, but otherwise I am thoroughly satisfied.

Now also in our store: Rävik 3 and Rävik S.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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