Electric Hydrofoil comparison – E-Foil overview

Electric Hydrofoil comparison

Our Electric Hydrofoil comparison should give you a good overview about the different Electric Hydrofoil surfboards aka E-FOIL which are available on the market.

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Electric Hydrofoil comparison

EasyGoat E-Foil
4,900pre-order406019.5 170 x 90 x 69 cmpropellerCabraTec
13,99020194860n/a225 x 85 x 100impellerELdoRIDEdo
5,800201925 - 303025225 x 80expellerElevate
eFoil E1
9,750now406026167 x 71propellereFoil
eFoil E1 Sport
9,750now406026153 x 64propellereFoil
E-Takuma5,990pre-order3045 - 75tbdtbdpropellerE-Takuma
Fliteboard8,995 **pre-order34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28172 x 71propellerFliteboard
Fliteboard Air8,995 **pre-order34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28198 x 76propellerFliteboard
Fliteboard Pro8,995 **pre-order34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28152 x 62propellerFliteboard
Flying Rodeocustompre-order25 - 5060customcustompropellerFlying Rodeo
VeCarve 6.0
7,000pre-order3240 - 50tbd 182 x 76 x 18jet driveVeCarve 6.0
Waviator9,899pre-order356026210 x 70propellerWaviator
7,999March 20193540 - 6030186 x 72 x 18propellerWaydoo
  • ** Fliteboard pricing by region:
  • Australia: $14,850 (including GST and shipping)
  • Europe: €8,995 excluding shipping and taxes
  • USA and worldwide outside EU / Australia is: $10,995 excluding shipping and taxes

You can easily compare by price, availability, speed, length, range, weight type and propulsion.

We want to highlight that all data in these tables are from the manufacturers and probably measured under ideal conditions. Light rider, no wind, no waves, etc.

In our section “reviews” you will see more and more tests and we are currently planning to setup a lab were we can actually test all boards on our own in the same conditions.

Especially the speed and duration can vary a lot based on the riders weight and style.

Please let us know, if you think we missed a brand. Ideally through our forum.

You can discuss and ask questions in our forums E-FOIL section.

Electric Hydrofoil comparison
Electric Hydrofoil comparison

There a unique thing about electric hydrofoils. Once they start flying the use about 60% less power which means more efficiency for battery, controller and engine.

It is an amazing feeling to fly over the water.

We hope this E-FOIL table is helpful for you.

Keep on riding!