Electric Hydrofoil comparison

Our Electric Hydrofoil comparison should give you a good overview about the different Electric Hydrofoil surfboards aka E-FOIL which are available on the market. Each quarter more and more motorised surfboards hit the market and therefore we divide our comparisons into 4 categories. Electric Hydrofoils are listed in the table below and they usually need less power once they fly compared to other electric surfboards or jetboards.

Many of the electric foils here in this table are announced to ship in 2019, but are not shipping yet (written in May 2019). The first commercially available electric hydrofoil was the Lift Foils eFoil which started shipping in summer 2018 and has delivered around 1,000 surfboard to customers until today. CabraTec from Czech Republic shipped a limited amount of boards until now, but want to increase volumes this year and Fliteboard from Australia is just starting to ship, but needs to deliver all pre-orders first.

All other hydrofoils are not available yet as far as we know, but we will keep this table updated. All prices here in this comparison are standard manufacturer prices excluding VAT and excluding shipping, so please keep this in mind when you are budgeting or request  help in  our buying guide. VAT and shipping easily add a few thousand EUR. We get too often requests for powerful boards below 5,000 EUR, which is just not possible. We try to keep this table as updated as possible, but if you think you noticed a wrong price, please contact us.

Electric Hydrofoil comparison table

EasyGoat E-Foil
5,990now355016 170 x 90 x 69 cmpropellerCabraTec
13,99020194860n/a225 x 85 x 100impellerELdoRIDEdo
5,800201925 - 303025225 x 80expellerElevate
Hover Foil H5 Plus5,6502019356030228 x 76propellerHoverstar
Hover Foil H5 Sport5,3502019356028177 x 71propellerHoverstar
eFoil E1
10,750now406026167 x 71propellereFoil
eFoil E1 Sport
10,750now406026153 x 64propellereFoil
E-Takuma5,99020193045 - 75tbdtbdpropellerE-Takuma
Fliteboard10,750now34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28172 x 71propellerFliteboard
Fliteboard Air10,750now34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28198 x 76propellerFliteboard
Fliteboard Pro10,750now34 - 4040 - 6022 - 28152 x 62propellerFliteboard
Flying Rodeocustomnow25 - 5060customcustompropellerFlying Rodeo
VeCarve 6.0
7,00020193240 - 50tbd 182 x 76 x 18jet driveVeCarve 6.0
Waviator9,8992019356026210 x 70propellerWaviator
7,99920193540 - 6030186 x 72 x 18propellerWaydoo

You can easily compare by price, availability, speed, length, range, weight type and propulsion, but we want to highlight that all data in these tables are from the manufacturers and probably measured under ideal conditions. Light rider, no wind, no waves, etc.. That’s said we were testing the e-Foils from Lift Foils, Fliteboard and Cabratec ourselves and can confirm the specs outlined for these 3 manufacturers. We are working with other manufacturers to get test boards, but as mentioned before they are not available yet.

Especially the speed and range can vary a lot based on the riders weight and style. More weight means more need for power which makes the board more expensive. High quality battery cells and an advanced battery management (BMS) are important for your safety as you can ready in our battery safety article. Especially the boards from China want to offer the electric hydrofoils for half of the price, but we cannot recommend them. We made too many bad experiences with petrol powered jetboards over the past decade. You get what you pay for. At a minimum you should by from a local reseller so that you have someone you can reach out to once there are problems.

Electric Hydrofoil comparison
Electric Hydrofoil comparison

There is a reason why top players such like Liftfoils and Fliteboard who developed their products over 3 years charge 15,000 EUR including VAT and shipping and we find it hard to believe that some newcomers can just deliver the same quality for half of the price. as mentioned above we are especially concerned about cheap batteries which represent 30-40% of the price. Of course 15k EUR is not a small investment, but you should compare the value with a Jet-Ski / Personal Watercraft rather than with a “surfboard with motor”. There is quite a few technology involved.

If you go for a cheap offering from China with no local support it will probably get more expensive for you as you will potentially lose a few thousand EUR for nothing. We don’t want to be negative, but we want to be realistic. The same statements is true from electric jetboards where you have established players such like Lampuga and on the other side cheap offerings from China. Whenever we requested a test board from China we were told we have to buy it. Let’s see how this will develop in future. We don’t want to be unfair about products from China, but our experience so far was disappointing.

E-Foil comparison
E-Foil comparison

Of course the prices need to go down and they will as the battery technologies are involving and as electric hydrofoils will be produced in higher quantities. But for now (2019) I wouldn’t bet for low cost e-Foil. Once you tried it you are ready to make this investment. It is an mazing feeling if you fly above the water with no noise, no waves and with a wide range of speed between 15 to 50 km/h depending omn the board and configuration. You can find more and more test centres all over Europe. We for example have a Lift Foils fly before you buy centre in Berlin. Testing the boards before you buy them is the safest way to make the right decision.

Most of the e-Foils are using a propeller, but some manufacturers want to launch products with impellers or jet engines. You could argue that these would be safer, but at the same time you would need more energy for a jet. More energy means either that the price will go up or that the performance would be limited. Time will show which technology will win. This new sport is just starting and only a very few models are shipping.

Please let us know, if you think we missed a brand in our electric hydrofoil comparison. Ideally through our forum. You can discuss and ask questions about the different electric foils in our forums E-FOIL section.