Jetsurf - The inventor of Jetsurfing?

Jetsurf is the leader in motorised surfboards since a decade. The Czech company from Brno around CEO Martin Sula did focus on petrol powered boards, but did launch an electric surfboard in 2020 as well.

Jetsurf story

Martin is already interested in motorsports since being a teenager and was always fascinated by tuning motors. Already in 2004 he started to think about building a Jetboard as he tried surfing and missed the torque of an engine. In 2007 he finished his first prototype of the Jetsurf and since then he improved the models year by year.

At the beginning there was no plan to build a business out of the Jetboards, it was just for his own fun, but he got more and more attention and finally founded a company in 2008 to build a commercial Jetsurf product.


Martin and his colleagues Tadej Sterk and Zbynek Bures built their first company in 1994 called MSR Racing engines were they were using their expertise in combustion engines, hydromechanics composite materials and electric engineering to develop high powered, light weight engines for racing. At this time they developed for example the hybrid two-stroke motor drive for KTM and the engine for Red Bull Rookie Cup racer Jakub Kornfeil. Jakub is in the meanwhile a racer in the MotoSurf WorldCup. More about this Cup below.

Jetsurf produces all parts in the factory in Brno which makes them independent from suppliers. Over the years they were able to develop and patent some unique features.

Jetsurf Factory in Brno
Jetsurf Factory in Brno 

A big advantage of the Jetsurf petrol powered boards are that you can easily transport them by plane. They are light and they don’t have a high energy powered battery. The latter one makes it difficult to travel with electric surfboards.

MotoSurf WorldCup

In 2012 Jetsurf started to organise racing events for Jetsurfers and since 2015 these events are known as the MotoSurf WorldCup with stops all over the world. Martin is participating as a racer himself in these events, but he gets a lot of competition as by now about 60 riders from 15 countries join the races. The stops are currently in Brno (Czech Republic), Wyboston (United Kingdom), Kazan (Russia), Florida (United States) and in Asia. The boards achieve speeds up to 64 km/h with a weight of just 40 lbs or 18 kg. While the MotoSurf WorldCup is open to other brands such like Mako or DLE it is dominated by Jetsurf racers. More info at

MotoSurf WorldCup
MotoSurf WorldCup

Jetsurf Academy

In order to win more customers and racers for the MotoSurf WorldCup several Jetsurf Academy locations were opened around the world. Current locations are in Valtice (Czech Republic), Miami (Florida), Orlando (Florida), Destining (Florida), Fort Myers (Florida), Houston (Texas), Austin (Texas), Bahamas and Belize (Guatemala). The Jetsurf Academies are the great locations for company events or riders who want ti improve their riding skills. More info at and

Jetsurf Academy
Jetsurf Academy 

Petrol Jetboards

The company offers different petrol powered Jetboards:

  1. The Sport model is designed as the allrounder and is good for families and rental services. It has a 2 stroke 90 cc engine which enables a one hour ride with a 2.8 litres fuel tank. The carbon fibre board is 180 cm long and has a weight if 18.5 kg. It can handle riders up to 100 kg or 220 lbs. Read how to maintain the Jetsurf Jet Boards.
  2. The Adventure DFI is designed for longer tours. It has a rack on top of the board where you can either store equipment of a second fuel tank. DFI stands for direct fuel injection and this low emission technology was introduced in 2019. The Adventure DFI is equipped with a 2 stroke 100cc engine.
  3. The Race DFI is for riders who need their adrenaline. It enables sharp turns and can be even used in waves. It has a more aggressive shape compared  to the Sport and Adventure models
  4. The Race Titanium is for riders who want to join races like the MotoSurf WorldCup or want to surf in big waves. It is the top model of the range and reaches speeds up 64 km/h. See also our Jetboard comparison.
Petrol powered Jetboards
Petrol powered Jetboards 

Jetsurf Electric

In 2016 the team around Martin created the first concept around the Jetsurf Electric. Jetsurf was able to use all the learnings and patents they built over 9 years of developing motorised surfboards. The main challenge with the electric surfboards were the weight, endurance and charging time. The first prototype was a hybrid using petrol as well as electric power, but this concept was not successful.

At boot 2018 the first fully electric board concept was shown in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2019 the Jetsurf Electric S was presented at boot, but now at boot 2020 the final product was displayed and will start shipping in spring 2020. For the E-SURFER Youtube channel we did following video interview with Martin:

The 2020 Jetsurf Electric is 180 cm long, 60 cm wide and 15 cm thick. The carbon fibre board has a weight of 32 kg including the 18 kg lithium ion battery and reaches up 50 km/h or 31 mph. The battery is water-cooled while in the board and air-cooled while it is charged. The air-cooling is patented and unique at Jetsurf. It shall enable that you don’t need to wait after a ride to charge the battery. Usually electric surfboard batteries must cool down before they can be charged again.

Jetsurf Electric
Jetsurf Electric

The Czech company will continue to produce both, petrol and electric powered Jetboards and it will be interesting to follow which boards will be more successful on the long term. The petrol board are less expensive and it is easier to travel with them by air. They also don’t need charging between the rides. On the other side some countries start to prohibit the use of boards powered by gasoline. More discussions on this in our forum.

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