Scubajet Hybridboard - Performance Series

The Scubajet Hybridboard from Austria. Is it an e-foil or e-surf / jetboard? It is both …

The Scubajet Hybridboard was presented at the "boot" trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Austrian manufacturer is known for its diving scooters, which are also used as SUP motors. These products are now called "Portable Series" to differentiate them from the new "Performance Series". The latter one now includes the Scubajet Hybrid Board. Hybrid, because it can be used as an eFoil as well as a Jetboard.

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At boot we recorded the following video for the E-Surfer Youtube channel with Scubajet founder and CEO Armin Kundigraber. He explains the Scubajet Hybridboard in detail:

There have been other manufacturers trying to bring eFoil jetboard hybrids to the market. So far quite unsuccessful, but the Scubajet Hybridboard comes with some interesting innovations. These include a new battery solution that allows the board to run on both one and two batteries. This makes it possible to regulate the weight and range.

Also special is that the Scubajet Hybridboard can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled entirely without tools. Although Awake 2022 had already introduced a quick release system for an eFoil mast with the click-to-ride system of the Vinga, Scubajet goes one step further. With the Scubajet Hybridboard, you can also change the motor and the wings without any tools.

Scubajet Performance Series
Scubajet Performance Series with Quick Release

I also found the integration of an Apple Watch function interesting. This allows the rider to keep an eye on the speed, distance and, of course, battery charge on the Apple smartwatch, in addition to other data. Great idea.

Those who do not have an Apple Watch can use the Scubajet remote control on the wrist, which is already known from the SUP motor, to see this data. The hand to controller to adjust the speed comes without a display.

Scubajet eFoil

In the last three years, the sales figures of eFoils have surpassed those of jetboards several times. The era of jetfoils began with the introduction of the Audi eFoil from Aerofoils and now includes several solutions such as the Jetfoiler, as well as models from Takuma, Awake Boards and, since 2023, Fliteboard with the Flite Series 3.

The team around Armin Kundigraber has already years of experience with jet propulsions through the diving scooters and SUP motors. However, the power now goes from previously 1,000 watts to 8,000 watts to enable the use case as an E-Foil and especially as an E-Surf.

Scubajet eFoil
Scubajet eFoil

The Scubajet Hybridboard and the wings are made of high-quality carbon fiber and make a very high-quality impression. Like other Jetfoil manufacturers, the Performance Series also relies on the highly efficient High Aspect wings with a size of 1300 square centimeters for the eFoil. Additional wings are planned.

The weight of the eFoil with one battery is 36 kg. The single battery has a capacity of 1,700 Wh and provides a range of up to 1.5 hours. If you add a second battery to the board, you can almost double the range. In my opinion, this only makes sense for larger tours, as the eFoil becomes quite a bit heavier.

When used as an eFoil, a smaller (85 mm) diffuser is screwed on. The stabilizer (rear wing) is also attached to this.

Scubajet E-Surf or Jetboard

The team from Austria calls the jetboard E-Surf. A name we like as E-SURFER 😉 Instead of the eFoil mast, only the jet drive is placed under the hybrid board during E-Surf mode. Mind you, completely without tools. In addition, two FCS fins are plugged in.

Scubajet E-Surf Jetboard
Scubajet Jetboard

Since a jetboard requires more energy due to the water resistance, the diffuser is replaced. The E-Surf diffuser has a larger diameter to build up more torque. And last but not least, a second battery is used in jetboard mode to be able to achieve a range of up to 40 minutes.


Here are a few more technical specs:

  • E-Foil Mode Top Speed: Up to 50 km/h
  • E-Foil Mode Range: Up to 120 minutes (one battery)
  • E-Foil Mode Weight: 36 kg incl. one battery
  • E-SURF Mode Top Speed: Up to 40 km/h
  • E-SURF Mode Range: Up to 40 minutes
  • Charging time 3.5 hours
  • Fully shielded impeller
  • Quick Release System
  • Per battery: 1.7 kWh (21,700 premium cells)
  • With two batteries coupled: 3.4 kWh

Scubajet Hybridboard - Price

The following prices include 19 percent VAT plus shipping. All prices are subject to change.

The all-in-one bundle, which includes both E-Foil and E-SURF, contains the following components:

  • Hybridboard
  • Wing Set
  • Two Performance Batteries
  • Performance Jet System
  • Mast
  • Trigger (remote control)
  • Price: 18.990 EUR

The E-FOIL set includes the following components:

  • Hybridboard
  • Wing Set
  • One Performance Battery
  • Performance Jet System
  • Mast
  • Trigger (remote control)
  • Price: 15.290 EUR

The E-SURF set includes the following components:

  • Hybridboard
  • Two Performance Batteries
  • Performance Jet System
  • Trigger (remote control)
  • Price: 15.290 EUR

The Scubajet Hybridboard is now available for pre-order. Just get in contact with us.

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