As part of the 2018 Allstar Jetboard tour the team was able to check out a Jetsurf centre for a Jetsurf Academy review.

The team including Tania, Nuria, Miona, Wayne, Daniel and Mike visited the academy in Czech Republic. Other academies are in Texas and Bali.

Jetsurf Academy review
Jetsurf Academy review

The Jetsurf academy team Martina Lukscheider and Ivo Strouhal were teaching the Jetboard Limited team right before the Jetsurf WorldCup in Brno in June 2018.

This was the first year for the Jetboard Limited team to participate in the WorldCup and the Jetsurf Academy is the ideal preparation to learn the basics and improve the skills.

Mike from Jetsurfingnation documented the Jetsurf Academy review with one of his famous videos.

The video includes also an interview with Jetsurf world champion Martina Bravencova who gives some tips how to become a professional jetsurfer.

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The Jetsurf Academy in Czech Republic is located 1 hour from Brno where the Jetsurf boards are produced. The training is hosted on a private lake and offers ideal conditions.

Kids can start learning Jetsurfing from 8 years.

Martina and Ivo do trainings for people from Czech Republic and all around the world. They even “train the trainers” who want to open other Jetsurf Academies in different parts of the world.

Martina and Ivo from Jetsurf Academy
Martina and Ivo from Jetsurf Academy

The Jetsurf Academy is not just for beginners. Also advanced riders can learn how to jump and improve their style.

Advanced riders can also learn the rules for the Jetsurf WorldCup. From qualification, the different heats and how actually win the race 😉

You can use your own equipment of get the boards (Jetsurf Titanium or Jetsurf Race), vest and helmet from the academy.

Miona at Jetsurf Academy
Miona at Jetsurf Academy

These are the current Jetsurf Academy places where you can learn and improve your Jetsurf skills:

Jetsurf Academy Czech Republic:

Jetsurf Academy Bali:

Jetsurf Academy Texas:

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