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Liffoils eFoil review by Jetsurfingnation

For our Liffoils eFoil review the Allstar Tour team travelled to Slovenia to visit David who is the maker of the Flying Rodeo Hydrofoil.

He got an eFoil from Puerto Rico for the review.

Mike riding Liftfoils eFoil
Mike riding Liftfoils eFoil

Lift Foils is based out of Puerto Rico and has years of experience with hydrofoils for Kitesurfing and windsurfing. With the eFoil they were able to bing the first electric hydrofoil to the market.

Liftfoils started shipping in summer 2018 and has currently a delivery time of about 2-3 months and a retail price of 10.550 EUR plus tax and shipping.

Both delivery time and price are supposed to go down in 2019.

In our eFoil review with the test riders Mike and Miona the board and equipment could convince with its premium quality components.

All connectors are color coded and work only in one way.

Liftfoils battery and charger
Liftfoils battery and charger

The battery is waterproof and can be even changed in the water. It is good for a riding time of one hour. Light and experienced riders can get up 1 hour and 20 minutes out of it.

The charging time is about 2 hours and the weight is 15 kg.

One person can easily carry the entire board including battery
One person can easily carry the entire board including battery

The total weight of the board, mast and battery is 30 kg, so 15 kg for the complete board without battery.

This is a reasonable weight and makes it easy to carry for one person.

The maximum speed is about 45 km/h. With a smaller wing you can get up to 50 km/h, but this is not recommended.

Liftfoils eFoil remote control
Liftfoils eFoil remote control

The remote is pretty big, but not heavy and fits good even into smaller hands. The trigger is smooth and it has an LCD display.

It works for both left handed and right handed people. The remote control is using regular batteries, which makes them easy to change and you don’t have to worry about charging.

The battery is supposed to work for 2 years.

Comes with bags for all components
Comes with bags for all components

The remote is floatable and has 3 different speed levels: For beginners, for beginners and intermediate users as well as for advanced users.

Liftfoils offeres 4 different wings: 110, 150, 170 and 200 wings.

eFoil offers different wings
eFoil offers different wings

The small wings are for light and advanced riders who want maximum speed. The larger wings are for heavier riders. Larger wings make it also easier for beginners.

Liffoils is also offering 2 boards with 75 and 100 litre volume. The larger one is for beginners and heavier riders.

Liffoils eFoil review: 2 persons equal to a 120 kg rider
Liffoils eFoil review: 2 persons equal to a 120 kg rider

The eFoil can handle riders over 100 kg. In our Liffoils eFoil review David was carrying his girlfriend Barbara on his shoulders on the smaller 75 litres board. Both together have a weight of 120 kg.

That’s impressive.

David practising jumps with the eFoil
David practising jumps with the eFoil

Liffoils is using a direct control for it electric hydrofoil. These means no gear drive like most other e-hydfoils are using. This makes the acceleration very smooth and instant as well as very silent.

Liffoils eFoil review summary

Liffoils eFoil is a very solid board with high quality components. It has enough power and is very silent.

Different wings and boards give a lot of flexibility for different riders and riding style.

We were missing the “virtual gears” from the Fliteboard, but otherwise both boards are board can be recommended.

Liffoils eFoil review
Liffoils eFoil review

Liffoils has the advantage that they can ship faster as they were the first to market and now have established the production.

Special thanks to David and Barbara from Flying Rodeo to support our Liffoils eFoil review. We will also review the Flying Rodeo hydrofoil very soon.

More information at liftfoils.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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