Seabob Berlin - An underwater scooter introduction

The Seabob Berlin Team has tested the diving scooter for you and gives tips and tricks about the underwater scooter.

The Seabob Berlin Team is an authorized dealer of the underwater scooters of the company CAYAGO. The underwater scooters with the brand name Seabob were tested by us in Croatia, in Cannes and in the test pool of the company CAYAGO. Here are our tips for proper use:

Seabob models

There are three models of CAYAGO diving scooters:

  • The Seabob F5 is the entry-level model with a weight of 29 kg and a maximum speed of 14 km/h.
  • The Seabob F5 S with 34 kg is the sportier model with more power.
  • The Seabob F5 SR with also 34 kg weight is the premium model with the most thrust.

All models are license-free and very quiet and emission-free due to the electric drive. A safe jet drive sucks water in the front and presses it out the back under high pressure. This is how the thrust is generated.

Tauchscooter von Seabob
Diving scooter by Seabob

The Seabob Berlin team will be happy to advise you which of the models will meet your needs.


From the factory a standard charger is included, with which the Seabob can be charged in 8 hours. We recommend the fast charging station with which you can charge it in only 90 minutes! These are available through the Seabob Berlin team.

Charge the scooter after each ride within 24 hours at least to the charge state "transport" to avoid deep discharge, because this could destroy the lithium ion batteries. If stored for a longer period of time, the battery level should be checked every 4 weeks.

Correct charging:

  • Release the twist lock from the connector port on the Seabob. This is located at the top under the display.
  • Connect the charger by first connecting the charging station to the underwater scooter and then plugging the mains plug into the socket. After a short system check, the charging indicator appears in the display.
  • For partial charging (50% charge) for storage press the green button. The charging symbol for partial charging appears.
  • For full charging (100% charge) press the red key. The charging symbol for full charging appears.
  • When charging is complete, disconnect the charger by first removing the power plug from the outlet and then disconnecting the plug from the Seabob.
  • After a 5 second system check, the underwater scooter will switch to "Off" or "Sleep" mode.


Now we come to the operation of the Seabob dive scooter. All controls and the display are easily accessible while driving.

Seabob Berlin Bedienungstipps
Seabob Berlin Controls

The two black grips are called Controlgrip (E). The driver holds on to these while driving. In addition to the four function keys in red (A), blue (B), silver (C) and green (D), the trigger for accelerating is also located on the control grip.

The following values can be read on the color display (G):

  • Water temperature
  • Water depth
  • Engaged gear
  • Speed
  • Battery level

Below the display is the Connector Port (F) for charging the underwater scooter.

Before launch

The Seabob Berlin Team recommends testing the scooter before launching it. To do this, press the blue button (B). The Seabob logo and the message "Push Trigger" will appear. Now you have 5 seconds to press the trigger on the controlgrip (E) before the device falls back into sleep mode. This is a safety mechanism.

Press the trigger only briefly and release it again. Then the display or the PIN request (if activated) appears. After a longer period of non-use, a motor initialization starts automatically. This takes 5 seconds and the motor makes two slow revolutions.

Now set the power from 0% to 15% with the green key (D). Now you can test the motor briefly with the trigger pressed. Never longer than 10 seconds out of the water. And now off into the water.

Overwater travel

In at least one meter of water, hold tightly with arms outstretched on both control grips. Set the desired gear with the green and red buttons. Start in gear 1. Now pull and hold the trigger on the control grip. The motor starts and the journey begins.

Overwater travel

To accelerate, press the green button with the right thumb. Each time you press it, it goes up one gear. To slow down, press the red button with the left thumb. To brake abruptly, simply release the trigger.

To steer, shift your body weight in the desired direction and push the bow in that direction. The legs also act as tail fins. After a few minutes you got it 😉 Otherwise, the Seabob Berlin team will be happy to help!

Dives up to 2.5 meters

The Seabob Berlin Team recommends only very good swimmers to dive up to 2.5 meters. Keep at least 5 meters distance to objects and people.

Shift into second gear for diving. Pull your arms a little so that you are lying further forward on the diving scooter and then push down the bow. Then it goes into the depth. Underwater you can accelerate with the green button.

The scooter is factory limited to a depth of 2.5 meters and will shut off when you reach that depth until you are back at about 2 meters. This is for safety reasons.

Diving above 2.5 meters depth

Only divers with a valid diving license or accompanied by a trained diving instructor are allowed to dive above 2.5 meters. For this purpose, the depth limitation of 2.5 meters must be deactivated via the function keys on the display. The depth limit can be set to any value between 2.5 and 40 meters via the menu.

Seabob diving scooter
Seabob diving scooter

Dive at these depths only with complete and functional scuba equipment and maintain the allowable descent and ascent rates.


The Seabob has a positive buoyancy in the water. This is different in fresh and salt water. For experienced divers, optional dive weights are available to balance the dive scooter optimally. The weights are of course available from the Seabob Berlin team.

After use

After the dive, carry the underwater scooter on the water with 2 people on the side carrying handles (never on the controlgrips) if possible. The Seabob Berlin Team recommends the use of the cart, which you can of course get from us.

If the Seabob remains in the water for later use, it must be secured well against drifting away. Switch the Seabob to sleep mode to avoid further discharge. This is done by a quick key combination silver - blue and by confirming with the trigger.

Never store the dive scooter in the sun to prevent the electronics from overheating. after use in salt water, the device must be cleaned with fresh water.

Seabob Berlin Team

On the E-SURFER Youtube channel you will soon find video instructions. Do you have further questions? The Seabob Berlin Team will be happy to help you.

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