Waydoo Flyer electric hydrofoil surfboard

The electric hydrofoil surfboard Waydoo Flyer was shown first time at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

We had a chance to see the board and talk to CEO Dennis Zhu.

The Waydoo E-Foil is developed in Shenzhen China and shall be on sale starting March 2019.

Founder Denis Zhu is wakeboarder and founded a company last year which develops next to the electric hydrofoil surfboard Waydoo Flyer also fixed wing aircraft and drones for agriculture.

We will post some pictures of these devices in the forum. Link below.

CEO Dennis Zhu with his Waydoo Flyer
CEO Dennis Zhu with his Waydoo Flyer

While Waydoo has no water sports background they bet on their experience in electronics and wing design which they know from the fixed wing aircraft. The drone company DJI is an investor.

Waydoo Flyer battery
Waydoo Flyer battery

The E-Foil from Waydoo us using a 6,000 W motor which is supposed to be good for 35 km/h. The Samsung 18650 lithium batteries offer a run time of 40-60 minutes. Charging time 2 hours.

The battery pack looks similar to the one of eFoil, but has no data connection. The 2 ports are for charging and the power connection to the board.

The Waydoo hydrofoil is positioned as an easy to learn electric hydrofoil surfboard.

Waydoo Flyer remote control
Waydoo Flyer remote control

The remote control has LED indicators for battery power and speed level. The speed level can next to throttle also be controlled with 2 buttons (plus and minus).

This is similar to the virtual gears of the Fliteboard. In general the entire setup looks very similar to Fliteboard and Liftfoils eFoil.

Quality wise the boards looked cheaper though.

Waydoo electric hydrofoil in white
Waydoo electric hydrofoil in white

At CES 3 carbon fibre prototypes were shown. 2 in black and 1 in white. We liked the black (carbon fibre design) much more.

The electric hydrofoil surfboard Waydoo Flyer comes with a GoPro mount at the nose of the board which we found an interesting gimmick.

Also the fact that the mast can be taken off with a quick release without any tools is unique.

Since all 3 boards were prototypes it was hard to judge how the quality of the mass production products will be.

Waydoo electric hydrofoil in black
Waydoo electric hydrofoil in black

The weight of the board is 17 kg without battery (30 kg in total) and can load riders up to 120 kg according to Dennis.

The length of the board is 186 cm and it is 72 cm wide and 18 cm thick.

The price was originally announced as 4,999 USD, but according to Dennis and marketing manager Ted this was by mistake.

The price given to us was 7,999 USD. This is quite a difference 😉

We need to to do a full review and ride the E-Foil from Waydoo before we could do a recommendation. BTW, you may ask yourself how difficult it is to ride an eFoil. We would describe it as follows. If you have experience with other water sports such like with longboard surfboards, you will probably fly in less than 30 minutes.

Waydoo is looking for distributors in Europe and the US. This would be important for warranty and repairs.

You can compare the Waydoo surfboard with other electric hydrofoils in our E-Foil comparison.

More information at waydoo.io/ and in our forum at forum.e-surfer.com/t/waydoo-flyer-efoil-board

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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