Lift Foils from Puerto Rico is a well known hydrofoil brand which is around since a decade. Starting in a garage by a few passionated surfers the company became a trusted manufacturer of foils for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Around 2014 / 2015 the guys around CEO and founder Nick Leason were looking into the next big thing. How can they foil on days without any waves or wind. At this time the first electric surfboards from Onean and Lampuga were announced, but Nick and team were looking into an electric hydrofoil. The eFoil.

Lift Foils electric hydrofoil
Lift Foils electric hydrofoil
The Lift Foils team had already plenty for experience in developing wings, masts and boards, but the eFoil needed so much more which nobody had done before. They needed to look into batteries, controllers , remote controls and much more. And of course everything had to be water-proof and reliable. Electric hydrofoils are not just a flavour of an existing water-sport it is an entire new category. It is like snowboarding in powder, just on the water.
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Lift CEO Nick Leason was interested in everything motorised since he was a kid. He was  a surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer and snowboarder since he was a teenager and build his hydrofoil company after he got addicted from foiling. The eFoil is the next big thing. Something completely new which let’s people fly over the water with 25 – 50 km/h.


The eFoil towing another foil
The eFoil towing another foil

First Lift Foils eFoil prototype

It is relatively easy to build a working proof of concept and this is what the team did in 2017 to prove that it works and that it is fun. The next step however is the difficult one. How to create a robust, safe and reliable mass production eFoil?Watch a video of first eFoil prototype here:


The Lithium Ion battery itself would need at least 2 years of development, but the Lift Foils team was smart enough to find a partner in California with plenty of automotive experience to take this part on. Keep the engineers and  suppliers focussed, aligned and in time was the biggest challenge to make the eFoil a reality says Lift Foils Nick Leason. After the first 20 mile electric ride he felt confident that they will get there.


3 Lift eFoils
3 Lift eFoils
Lift Foils started shipping the eFoil in summer 2018 and shipped 500 products within the first 6 months. With this the electric hydrofoil from Lift was the first commercially available e-foil in volumes world-wide. In January 2019 the team was presenting their 2019 line up which is shipping since then. With the Standard, the Sport and the Schoolboard, Lift has now 3 sizes for the boards and 7 different wings from 110 to 250. There is a short mast and a long mast and 3 different colours.


Why so much choice? Well, all the parts are exchangeable so you can adjust your electric foil exactly to your needs based on weight, experience and riding style. Another unique product which was shown at the boot show in January 2019 was the foldable propeller. A propeller which folds together when you shut down the motor by releasing the trigger. Now you can ride the waves without the engine and without the resistance of a normal propeller.


Lift Foils eFoil features

The eFoil has a range of 30 km or one hour and the battery is charged again in 2 hours which makes it possible to get out 3 to 4 times a day, but you can of course buy additional batteries which can be exchanged in just a minute.  The water-proof lithium ion battery is powered by an advanced battery managements system (BMS) to high efficiency and safety. The battery has a weight of about 15 kg.
Lift is suggesting that riders from 16 years and with a weight up 125kg can ride eFoil. A water-proof and floatable Bluetooth remote control commands the motor and and the remote’s display is informing the rider about battery status and any alerts such like an overheating motor.


The eFoil
The eFoil
The motor is very silent and given that it is under the water surface almost not to hear. The torpedo design motor is corrosion-resistant, double-sealed and basically maintenance free. It powers the hand polished aluminium propeller with an optimised trust-to-energy ratio to maximise the battery efficiency. The premium carbon fibre boards have a build in water-proof hatch to store the battery, controller and electronics. The weight of the board is around 15 kg, which bring the total weight of the eFoil including battery to around 30 kg. This weight can be still handled by one person using one of the 2 handles and the other hand on the mast.
What is in the box:


  • The carbon fibre board incl. electronics
  • a mast
  • a wing
  • a eFoil mast with motor
  • a remote control
  • a battery
  • a high speed charger
  • a manual
  • a board bag
  • a case for mast, charger and tools
  • a wing bag
To conclude, I (the author of this article) am riding a Lift Foils eFoil e1 Standard and I love it. I am going on the water to foil as much as I can. It is silent and does not even create any waves, so I can even ride it on a lake in the city of the Berlin. For Europeans I started to sell the Lift Foils eFoil out of the Electric Hydrofoil Shop in Berlin. Please reach out to us if you need any additional information.


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