Lift Foils eFoil – The original electric hydrofoil

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eFoil blueLift Foils eFoil for saleeFoil setupLift-Foils-remote-motorLIFT3 eFoil in Blue2021 Lift Foils models
eFoil blueLift Foils eFoil for saleeFoil setupLift-Foils-remote-motorLIFT3 eFoil in Blue2021 Lift Foils models

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Lift Foils eFoil – The original electric hydrofoil

The Original. Now in the 3rd Generation. The Lift Foils eFoil e3 from the electric hydrofoil pioneers.

Enjoy flying above the water with the Lift Foils eFoil which was the first electric hydrofoil shipping in volumes since 2018. No other eFoil offers more options to fine-tune the experience and was sold more worldwide.


Experience level: beginner
Max. Speed: Up to 48 km/h
Range: Up to 120 minutes
Charging time: 120 minutes
Engine: 5 kWh
Deliver time: 1 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Propeller
Max. load: 136 kg
Remote control: yes


13.999€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

11.763,87€ excl. German VAT


The eFoil electric hydrofoil uses an advanced high energy density Lithium Ion battery to power a silent electric motor in a hydrodynamic torpedo design; all of which is controlled with a wireless bluetooth hand controller. Since the eFoil is electric, noise is eliminated and maintenance becomes incredibly easy compared to gas engines. Not only can you ride the powered board on nearly any surface of water, you can rise up on the hydrofoil to literally fly above the water for an incredible experience, with ride times up to an hour at speeds of more than 40 km/h or 25mph.

eFoil e3 – The 3rd generation

Price: 13.999 EUR incl. 19% German VAT

The eFoil 3 is the latest electric hydrofoil from Lift Foils and will be in stock from April 2021. As with the e2, there are four models:

  1. Lift Foils eFoil Explorer – Our model for heavier riders up to 136 kg, long tours as well as for rentals and schools. The eFoil Explorer is the largest eFoil designed for schools and rentals. It is the easiest board to ride. It offers more stability and floatation. It is recommended with the 300 wings. The Explorer is available in white, black and blue. It comes with the 72 cm mast.
  2. The Lift Foils Cruiser . This is our standard board and allrounder for riders up to 125 kg. It fits most riders and gives you the flexibility that different riders can use the board. It is designed for riders from 45-110 kg. The Cruiser is available in white, black and blue. A 250 wing is recommended. It comes with a 72 cm mast.
  3. Lift Foils eFoil Sport – Our model for sporty riders below 100 kg and with advanced skills. The Sport version is designed for light weight and more advanced riders and makes tighter turns for a more aggressive style. It is designed for riders from 45-90 kg. The Sport is available in white, black and blue. A 200 wing is recommended. It comes with a 72 or 82 cm mast.
  4. Lift Foils eFoil Pro – Our model for light riders below 90 kg and very advanced skills. This is our most aggressive board for very advanced / professional riders. The most aggressive and agile electric hydrofoil you can find. The Pro is available in white, black and blue. Different wing options are available. Recommended is a 150 wing with 82 cm mast.

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Lift Foils eFoil – What is it for?

The Lift Foils eFoil is designed to offer an easy-to-use, exhilarating experience for users of all kinds, and we offer multiple board sizes and foil options to give different riders the experience they desire. Lift Foils has designed the board for professionals to be able to push to the limits, and for new riders to be able to safely learn and have a fantastic experience.

Lift Foils eFoil Cruiser electric hydrofoil
Lift Foils eFoil Cruiser electric hydrofoil

The Lift Foils eFoil allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 48 km/h. No waves, wind or towing is required. The eFoil uses a state of the art lithium ion battery, a hydrodynamic, torpedo designed, electric propulsion unit along with custom electronics. It also features a high performance carbon fiber board and hydrofoil to give users the ultimate smooth and responsive riding experience.

We recommend eFoil usage for riders ages 16+ and less than 130 kg, and have found that users of any adult age and experience have been able to have fun and rapidly learn on the eFoil.

Riding the eFoil is easy
Riding the eFoil is easy

Lift Foils eFoil Lithium Ion Batteries

Lift Foils worked with top engineers in the USA to create a custom lithium battery built for rugged marine environments. This battery offers performance, convenience, and the most comprehensive safety components on the market. It lasts up to an hour depending on rider weight/speed and is enclosed in a rugged, IP68 waterproof housing that allows it to be transported and installed safely. The eFoil battery is also easily replaceable and rechargeable with charge times less than two and a half hours.

Battery Features

  • Battery Management System (BMS) Our battery is equipped with a highly sophisticated BMS that protects against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit, and overheating to say the least. All safety related components are redundant and our battery has the ability to automatically disconnect itself from the system when needed, constantly protecting the board and user from any undesirable situations.
  • Waterproof Our battery is fully submersible to IP68 standards to keep internal components protected from moisture and corrosion.
  • High Energy Density Our battery lasts approximately one hour.
  • Easily Interchangeable and Rechargeable Recharge time is 2.5 hours.
  • Weight 30 lbs or 14 kg..

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Both Lift Foils and the Electric Hydrofoil Shop from E-Surfer care about battery safety.

Lift Foils eFoil Wireless Hand Controller

Our hand controller gives the rider complete control in his or her hand for an effortless, smooth ride. By pressing the throttle, riders can go up to 40 km/h or 25 miles per hour and automatically shut off the engine just by releasing the lever. Key information such as speed settings, alerts, and battery charge percentages are displayed on the screen. The controller is waterproof, floats, and comes with a strap to keep it secured to the rider’s hand.

Controller Features

  • Wireless Bluetooth Tech Every time the rider presses the lever, the controller gives a wireless signal to the board, and the motor then reacts instantaneously to adjust speed without interference.
  • Magnetic Actuator The lever uses magnets and a hall effect sensor to control throttle actuation, leaving the internal components sealed and completely waterproof.
  • Safety The hand controller commands the motor, which will automatically shut off if the lever is released, if the hand controller is submerged in water, or the hand controller is greater than 10 feet from the eFoil.
  • Display Screen – Speed settings, alerts, and battery charge percentages are displayed on the screen.
  • Automatic Power Regulation In the event of a low battery, the controller will automatically throttle the rider back to a lower power setting as a signal to get back to shore safely.
eFoil remote control
eFoil remote control

Lift Foils eFoil Motor & Propellers

The motor was designed to be an extension of the rider. Unlike gas engines, electric motors have no lag and deliver maximum torque on command. This instant response allows riders to have complete control over speed –  there is no delay from rider input to motor output.

Motor Features

  • Computer Control The motor leverages the eFoil’s built in computer, which is programmed to set the perfect accelerations, decelerations, and speed outlets so rider gets the most stability and control on the water.
  • Silent High energy in a compact space allows the board to travel swiftly through the water without the irritant noise created by gas engines.
  • Submersible in Water Every component is double sealed against the elements and uses high-end corrosion resistant materials.
  • Hydrodynamic Torpedo Design Pierces through the water smoothly with minimal drag.
  • Ducted Propeller Our ducted propeller offers the best thrust to energy ratio over a variety of speeds. This helps conserve battery power and maximizes thrust for an ideal riding experience.
Lift Foils eFoil motor and propeller
Lift Foils eFoil motor and propeller

Board & Foil

Lift Foils goal over their decade in the market has always been to create the best high performance foils, period. The knowledge gained from designing several generations of foils through refinement and innovation has led to the new smooth, easy to use hydrofoil featured in the Lift eFoil. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability so riders of all levels can lean, carve, and edge with ease. The foil is what provides the unique feeling that combines the sensations of surfing and flying all in one.

Depending on the rider’s weight and performance preference, we offer multiple boards to choose from:  Larger boards offer an easier ride, especially for larger or less experienced riders, and the smaller boards are easier to manoeuvre for more experienced riders who want the best performance.

Board Features

  • Full Carbon Construction Both the board and foil are built from premium carbon fiber.
  • Waterproof Hatch The hatch houses all of the electronics including the battery and motor controller. It’s easily opened to turn the eFoil on and replace the battery.
  • Interchangeable Wings Lift specializes in offering different rides. With the eFoil the rider can swap out different wing designs for different flying sensations.
  • Simple Breakdown The eFoil is easily assembled and taken apart. It breaks down into three separate components: board, motor/mast and wings. Each component comes with a bag/carrying case for proper storage and transportation
  • Board, Foil and Motor Weight  30 lbs or 14 kg.
Lift Foils eFoil e3 board sizes
Lift Foils eFoil board sizes

The Lift Foils eFoil comes with following items:

  • eFoil board with electronics
  • foil unit with motor
  • wing
  • mast
  • hand-controller
  • removable/rechargeable battery for the eFoil
  • battery charger
  • cleaning kit
  • toolkit
  • manual
  • quick start guide
  • cases for safe transport of all included items

Customer Feedback and tutorial videos:

You can see multiple users giving positive feedback in the forums. Please make sure you also watch the eFoil tutorial videos, which explain the entire setup and how you ride the electric hydrofoil in detail.

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