Lift Foils eFoil 5’6 Cruiser

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eFoil blueLift Foils eFoil for saleeFoil setupLift-Foils-remote-motorLift-Foils-eFoil-whiteefoil boards
eFoil blueLift Foils eFoil for saleeFoil setupLift-Foils-remote-motorLift-Foils-eFoil-whiteefoil boards

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Lift Foils eFoil 5’6 Cruiser

The Original.

Enjoy flying above the water with the Lift Foils eFoil which was the first electric hydrofoil shipping in volumes since 2018. The standard model is the allrounder and would fit most riders.



NOTE: We created a separate website for this product at in order to inform you about more details, tutorials, videos, price structure etc. We also created a questionnaire at in order to find the right board for you.

The Lift Foils eFoil allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 40 km/h or 25 mph. No waves, wind or towing is required. The eFoil uses a state of the art lithium ion battery, a hydrodynamic, torpedo designed, electric propulsion unit along with custom electronics. It also features a high performance carbon fiber board and hydrofoil to give users the ultimate smooth and responsive riding experience.

Watch the video interview with Lift Foils CEO Nick Leason at boot 2019 where he is explaining all the different choices.

The eFoil comes with following items:

  • eFoil board with electronics
  • foil unit with motor
  • wing
  • mast
  • hand-controller
  • removable/rechargeable battery for the eFoil
  • battery charger
  • cleaning kit
  • toolkit
  • manual
  • quick start guide
  • cases for safe transport of all included items

The 5’6 Cruiser boards are available in white, black and blue and also the price is the same


Lift Foils Price calculation:

Most electric surfboard websites are showing a price without VAT and shipping. The reason is easy as the VAT and shipping costs depend on the country where the boards ship to. In Europe we need to list prices including VAT and we will do here for a delivery address in Germany as an example.
The Lift Foils efoil price is 12,000 USD excluding VAT plus another 1,200 USD for shipping to Europe according to the Lift website. This is about 11,850 EUR. On top of that you have to pay import tax and handling fees for customs which add another 600 EUR and brings you to 12,450 EUR. Now you need to add your local VAT which is in Germany 19% and explains the price for Germany of 14,815 EUR.
As you can see the price is the same, but if you order through our shop you will get local support from Europe for any questions you may have before and after the order.



Experience level: intermediate
Max. Speed: 40 km/h
Range: 60 minutes
Charging time: 120 minutes
Engine: 5 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 30 kg
Length: 167 cm
Width: 71 cm
Delivery time: 2 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Propeller
Max. load: 110 kg
Remote control: yes




12,450€ excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Note: For a final offer we need your shipping location in order to calculate the VAT and shipping cost.