E-Jet-Ski Narke GT 95 2021 model

Narke introduced its first E-Jet-Ski, the GT45, back in 2018 and later delivered it to beta testers. For 2021, there is now the new GT 95 electric Jetski model.

Narke calls its E-Jet-Ski the world's most elegant personal watercraft that is 100% electrically powered. Its above-average dimensions in its class and put it well above the industry standard. Indeed, the electric jet ski looks quite futuristic. And it's big.

It's the perfect water toy for anyone who appreciates design, high-tech solutions and luxury - and cares about the planet in style, according to the manufacturer. The ambitious Narke team has been working tirelessly since 2014 to make the Electrojet the perfect alternative to traditional gasoline-powered jet skis.

E-Jet-Ski Narke GT 95
E-Jet-Ski Narke GT 95

The first model, the Narke GT45, was launched in 2018 at the Cannes Yachting Festival in France and generated a lot of interest around the world. According to Narke, the first generation models sold out almost immediately.

General trends in the electric motor sector, as well as feedback from Narke owners, have helped fine-tune the existing model. Narke engineers took the Narke GT 95 to a higher level by increasing power by 50% and range by 20%. All this was achieved at low voltage (120V), a safer solution compared to 400V, by further developing the motor, optimizing the hull and installing new generation high performance battery cells.

The GT95 offers everything users can expect from a 21st century 3-seat electric jet ski: It's fun, safe and powerful while protecting the waters for future generations. Dubbed "Cyberjet" by its fans, it has received a more powerful engine and an optimized hull, while retaining one of its most outstanding attributes, its eye-catching and unique design.

Péter Bíró, jet ski world champion and 2-time European champion, has also tested the GT45 e-jet ski. In addition to the environmental friendliness, the champion has highlighted, among other things, the very good speed, good maneuverability and quiet engine of the Narke - features that can clearly mean the sustainable future in the jet ski market.

In terms of technical parameters, the Narke GT95 E-Jet ski has 50% more power compared to the previous model, reaching 95 hp, has a 20% increased range, up to 50 km thanks to the new Petestep® hull, resulting in a more comfortable and energy-efficient ride. The Narke GT95 E-Jet ski offers a smoother and quieter riding experience thanks to a unique deflection technology that also reduces friction and therefore energy consumption, and increases stability even at high speeds.

E-Jet-Ski by Narke
E-Jet-Ski by Narke

The Narke GT95 e-jet ski has a top speed of over 70km/h, continuously monitors over 100 operating parameters, and applies "SAFE" mode when necessary to maintain driveability. The Narke GT95 will be unveiled at the Top Marques show in Monaco in the summer of 2021. For those looking for futuristic design, high-tech solutions and luxury, and who are not afraid to feel unique and special, the Electrojet can be reserved via www.narke.com or at one of the dealer partners.

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