Electric Seadoo GT E-Waverunner

The first electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner was built by the Dutch company Bellmarine. The custom electric jet skis are for an 80 meter super yacht.

Someone with deep pockets did want an electric Jetski for his luxury yacht. So already in 2012 Bellmarine Technology, an expert in electric propulsions for vessels did build one for him. Actually they built two of them. Each one with a 45 kW electric jet propulsion and a 120V 150 Ah Lithium Ion Polymer battery.

This is a lot of power for an electric personal watercraft and they had to use eight high energy battery modules with a custom battery management (BMS) to serve it. In order to charge them the 9kW charger unit is detected by the Electric Seadoo, so that the PWC controls the charging process. The charging shall take about 2.5 hours.

The average runtime for these Electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner is supposed to be 1.5 hours under "normal use". At full speed the range is 30 minutes. Here is a video with the electric PWC in action:

Electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner specs:

The custom builds are based on an Seadoo GTE215 (model 2012) with following specifications:

  • AC- Liquid cooled 45 kW 120Volt motor
  • AC- Liquid cooled 144 Volt 500 Amp controller
  • High Performance Lithium-Polymer batteries
  • 120 Volt 160Ah (20 kWh) forced air cooling
  • special designed BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Battery Charger 120 Volt 60 Ah

It also includes the original Seadoo GTE features such like:

  • IBR Intelligent Brake System (IBR)
  • VTS Variable Trim System (VTS)
  • GPS Position , Compass, Speed, Lap timer, etc.
  • Automatic Limp home mode < 20% Battery capacity
  • Communication protocol Can bus
  • Total Weight: 435 kg

Unfortunately we have no information about the price of the Electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner, but we assume it was not inexpensive.

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