Electric stand-up personal watercraft Gratis X1

The first electric stand-up personal watercraft called Gratis X1 was announced 2017 from Free Form Factory Inc. based out Sacramento in California.

A stand-up personal watercraft is lighter and more sporty compared to standard PWCs. As the name suggests you are not sitting, but standing on the jet-ski. This allows more radical maneuvers including backflips. Free Form factory is now announcing the first electric stand-up personal watercraft called Gratis X1.

The Gratis X1 claimed a runtime of 45 minutes, but also a larger battery pack for 1 hour riding time. They even took pre-orders although they never are able to launch the product. The price was supposed to be 17,990 USD plus VAT and shipping. You can find their image video on Youtube:

Founder Jordan Darlin was into motocross, snowmobiles and of course jet-skis before he founded Free Form Inc. in 2014. His idea was to bring a durable, local emission free and silent PWC. He decided to use a proprietary polymer material instead of fiberglass, which he thought would be lighter and more durable. One of his quotes was:

The Gratis X1 is changing the future of its industry by producing the leading noise free, high-performance personal watercraft that allows riders of all levels to hit the open water without restrictions imposed on fuel-powered watercraft.

Founder Jordan Darlin

The company website ridefreeform.com is not live anymore, but their Facebook page still exists. In November 2018 it was announced that Nikola Powersports, a manufacturer of different electric vehicles acquired Free Form Factory. They want to bring the electric stand-up personal watercraft to the market under their own brand.

Gratis X1 silent jetski
Gratis X1 silent jetski

Free Form did try to raise another 3.5 million USD in May 2017 in order to finance the development of the Gratis X1 after they had already raised 500,000 USD earlier. After that didn't work out, they got acquired.

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