SeaDoo electric concept presented

A SeaDoo electric concept was already presented in 2019. The SeaDoo electric jet ski was shown alongside other power-sports electric vehicles from BRP.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) is considered the market leader in personal watercraft (also known as jet skis). While other industry giants like Yamaha and Kawasaki have kept a low profile when it comes to electric jet skis, BRP's electric SeaDoo prototype was the first concept from a brand-name manufacturer. So far, there have only been young start ups with the goal of bringing an ePWC to market.

In addition to the SeaDoo electric, BRP also presented various other electric vehicles at a trade show. Among them were the electric version of the Riker (a trike) and the Ski-Doo (snowmobile), as well as electric go-karts and scooters. The e-SeaDoo is based on the design of the gasoline-powered GTI models. You can see the prototypes in the official company video:

Unfortunately, almost no technical details about the electric Sea-Doo have been revealed. There are not even videos where you can see the electric jet ski riding. The whole thing seems to be more of an image campaign, as seen in early years in the automotive industry. So will young startups like Taiga or Narke become the new Teslas of water sports? Or is it really just too early for this trend?

A StartUp will always take more risk than a publicly traded company like BRP, so I expect companies like Taiga or Narke to be the first to bring e-jet skis to market. But maybe the brand manufacturers are learning from the automotive industry and don't want to breed new competitors.

SeeDoo electric jetski
SeeDoo electric jetski

The fact is that an electric SeaDoo from a well known manufacturer like BRP would really shake up the market. After all, gasoline-powered jetskis are being banned because of the noise and exhaust fumes from more and more waters. A new start for the jet ski market would be urgently needed.

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